Fall 2019 Cost Associated:

Rent (per month, in the fraternity house for a double):

Max: $1500

Min: $869

Average: $1167.06

Notes: Fraternity housing is typically cheaper or on-par with hill housing rates.

Meal Plan (Per Semester):

Max: $2200

Min: $300

Average: $1266.66

Notes: The majority of the houses on the hill do not have meal plans. Some fraternities have chefs, many other brothers eat on the hill with a flatiron meal plan or eat on campus with campus cash/meal swipes. If you’re curious about a particular fraternity, feel free to ask a brother prior to or during rush.

Cost of Dues per Year:

Max: $2100

Min: $550

Average: $962.5

Notes: Typically dues costs decrease as the years pass, and pricing plans are usually available to pay dues in installments. Senior dues are typically much cheaper than Freshman and Sophomore dues. Again, this varies by house so reach out to a treasurer from a house you’re interested in for more information.

From OmegaFi.com:

A fraternity chapter’s membership dues form the basis of the chapter’s semesterly budget and are a direct means by which the chapter accomplishes its major goals regarding housing, event and ceremony planning, philanthropy outreach, social activities, promotion, recruitment, participation in intramural sports, and more.